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    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Uncommon Friends & Peer Pressure- Review

      Recently, I was asked to review some curriculum from Gospel Light and the first one up for review is The Christian Life. This book is put together in a 12 week series, with 6 of the sessions being on

    Friends- Building Relationships; Strengthening Friendships; Serving Our Friends; Gossip; Jealousy and Unresolved Anger

    The second half is 6 weeks on Peer Pressure: Standing Firm; Beware and Be Wise; Get Your Ears on Straight; Go by the Book; Plug into Real Power and Stand or Fall.

       The title of the book is where the curriculum takes you and I must admit Kara does a great job of getting you there. Each session is set up with several different options for ice-breakers and teaching interactions. All of the lessons and activities are well done and very creative.

      After reviewing 2 of the same curriculum types in this series by Kara, I think they will all end up being the same structure.  This, like the other book I reviewed is very well done, very well thought out but heavy on activity.  I enjoy the Scripture used in each section of the book and feel they are the right passages to be studied, I just don't want teens to miss the Scripture for the sake entertainment.

      With any curriculum, you will find this tension I'm afraid, especially when you get to the younger groups in their teen years.  Our society has sadly numbed teens to need constant entertainment in order for them to learn.  However, if the teacher who uses this material is wise, they can be the judge on what activities to use and which to leave out so as not to overshadow the Biblical truths these lessons present.

      Another thing I have found as I lead a large number of Sunday School teachers is that they don't want to have to go and get too much stuff.  For some of the activities in this book, there is a lot of "going and getting" this or that for the lesson, which will end up going ignored.  The teachers I lead want me to give it all to them, so there too, I must find a balance.

      All in all, this is another good book and an excellent resource to help frame a solid 12 weeks of teaching.


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