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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    New Series: Identity

    Middle School students (i.e. early adolescence) have three main struggles (these are Mark Oestreichers and Scott Rubin's findings...guys who freaking ROCK at Middle School Ministry! These are listed on page 152 of their book: Middle School Ministry):

    - Identity: "who am I?"

    - Autonomy: "How am I unique?" and "What's the extent of my control?"

    - Affinity: "To whom and where do I belong?"

    God has laid it on my heart to go about working on these specific pieces of their adolescent struggles through my talks/small groups during our weekly meetings as well as during our Sunday school hour. Not only these three specific pieces but also doctrinal pieces such as "Who is Jesus?" "What is the Trinity?" and "Who is God?".

    We've worked through the Affinity (iBelong) piece as well as the "Who is Jesus?" piece so far this year, now it's time to go through the Identity piece getting a close on the question: "Who am I?".

    This has been a fun series to put together, but tough. I first started it as a 4 week series, but felt compelled to add a 5th week (which appears in the packet as week 4). I hope it has the same impact as the "Old Skool Jesus" series has had on our teens. It is a series replete with the Word of God and bases our Identity on who God says we are!

    I have uploaded the whole series as I did the the "Old Skool Jesus" series. I also uploaded the iBelong series, which I neglected to do before. Below are the links to download the talk outlines and I will post the links for the downloads that the series requires. Enjoy!

    Identity download

    Old Skool Jesus download

    For the iBelong series, it was my first time going from pages to PDF so I exported each week...sorry :(

    iBleong #1 download

    iBelong #2 download

    iBelong #3 download (I created this but did not use it, since I used Zacchaeus in the "Old Skool Jesus" series instead...he fits in either really but since I made it, you can download it if you want)

    iBelong #4 download

    Thanks for taking the time to check these out! May God bless us in our efforts to reach teens for the Glory of His name!


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