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    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Christmas Ideas for Youth Ministry Pt. 3

    I know this is EXTREMELY late, but I was given a weeks vacation for Christmas and decided to not be distracted by trying to have an "online" presence.

    The Night went amazing on December 23rd! We had over 150 people there and 11 youth raised their hands to recieve Christ for the first time!

    We played several fun games and had some great activities.

    The Games:

    a. Human Present Relay (2 ppl from each section will be wrapped up like a present)
    b. Santa Pants Relay (progressive relay with 5 people from each section)
    c. Tree Decorating (each table has a chance to win a prize…best dressed tree in 5 min. wins) d. Total Recall (video with 4 segments, memory questions after each segment…team that wins each wins a bag of snickers!)

    Then we headed upstairs for the talk. Here is my (small version) talk outline:


    Intro with a story about an old lady who never used her electricity except to light her candles

    -We do the same silly thing with Christmas, we neglect to turn on the lights to it’s true meaning, getting more excited about how it serves US rather than what it even stands for

    - Read Philippians 2:5-11

    - When Christ came that Christmas morning, he gave up heaven for a smelly animal stall. He gave up a throne for a manger. He didn’t come so we could get all excited about a fictitious fat guy who gives presents to good little boys and girls, he came for something much more important than that

    - When Christ humbled himself to be born next to stinky smelly animals, he was choosing a lesser life than any normal king. His whole life was one not to be desired. He was poor, teased, his momma was talked about and he came to serve you and me to death.

    - Christmas is about the best idea, the most meaningful birth in all of history, it’s so important that our calendar is dictated by the event!

    - Christ was born so that he could humble himself to death, even death on a cross. It is the greatest gift in all of history, will you accept it?

    Give a time for response

    To open the night, we decorated cookies, had some good hot food and hot coco! Right before the games we opened up with our: "Save Christmas, Save The World" Part 3 Video! Below is that video!


    1. Very cool bro. Thanks for sharing your games, messages, and series ideas. Loved to hear how God showed up and showed off.

    2. Hi guys,
      Christmas is around the corner. Any plan for this year Christmas- Activities, gathering, events......???
      I get to know this book which is introduce how to plan for Chritsmas. More than 200 ideas....Awesome.

      Just share with me which is the best after reading, ok?