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    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    New Seires- Weird

      I know I haven't been up on this blog much (I've been focussing on my other blog: so, this is kind of a revamp of this blog. I'm back and want to share all the stuff I put together so you can get free content and free ideas and help for your youth ministry!

      Inspired by and Craig Groeschel's series: "Weird" is the new series I am running with my Middle Schoolers here in the inner-city of Pittsburgh.  In fact, I read both the book "Weird" and seen the series "Weird" by and thought it would be a great jump off series for our teens here.  It's all about how being normal (as the World defines it) isn't really working.  In fact, being normal is not what Jesus was nor does he desire us to be that way either.
      Jesus was weird and challenges his followers to be the same.  Weird is Good and Jesus goes to great lengths as to show and tell us how we are to be weird in this world.
      I took from the Weird series, but really shaped it to a Middle School crowd for the kick-off series of the year. I put a good amount of time, prayer and effort into this series and thought it best to share it with you as well.  Similar to how I have done in the past (if you remember) I have posted my work on  In fact most of my old stuff is here:

      I am also recording all of my talks in case you desired to listen to them as well.  I believe in sharing the things God gives us and I also believe in giving those things for free!  Use these things as you see fit and I pray the Lord blesses all of us this coming school year as we delve deeper into the lives of teens, parents and leaders alike!

    Just click the links below:

    Weird Series Sermon Outline

    Weird week #1 Talk

    Weird Series Small Group Questions

    For further questions or thoughts, please feel free to email me at!