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    Wednesday, February 23, 2011


    The Lives of our teens are filled with NOISE, just flat out loud visual, emotional, spiritual and physical noise that distracts them. 

      Noise that takes the form of stupid shows like Jersey Shore.  Noise that takes shape in Facebook, TV, dumb books and and waste-of-time-boyfriends.

      All of this noise, which comes from our common enemy is to distract these teens from having a true, honest and meaningful relationship with their Father. 

    How can we help teach them to quiet the Noise?  How can we help them identify the Noise?  How can we come alongside of them and whisper the importance of solitude?

      That's what this past series has been about for us in the Middle School Ministries at ACAC.  We've been doing a whole series based on these ideas and asking the kids to look at the Bible and what God says about the Noise around us and why we need to get quiet, get alone and listen to His voice.

      The first week, we jumped it off with the Nooma Silence video, which highlights all the Noise that people add to their lives daily with cell phones, books, TV, facebook and so on.  It was a great launching pad to discuss the many things that take up our time and in fact how much time those little things tend to eat out of our lives.

      Last week, we talked about the Story of Elijah and the Noise of His expectations of God.  Elijah ran away after he won a huge fight and he "wanted to die" because he alone was left worshipping God.  God desired to show him that he wasn't alone, but Elijah had some noise of fear and his own agenda that clouded his hearing from the Lord.

      This week (the final week of NOISE) we are discussing the Noise of our Limitations.  In Luke 9:12-19, we see Jesus and a huge crowd of people coming close to meal time.  The dicisples start freaking out and ask Jesus if they can tell the crowd to disperse and go to a town or a village to go eat and sleep.  Jesus looks at the disciples and tells them to give them something to eat.

      They see two fish and five small loaves of bread and say that feeding the people can't be done.  Jesus sees something different...he sees a meal that can feed over 15,000 people!  

      Our teens need to know that with God they can dream BIG!  There is no need to fear limitations we may see in front of us, because He is greater and mightier than any limitation!  We have got to turn down the noise of our limitations and see the possiblities of our lives when God is for us and calling us!

      I've been super excited about this series and have seen it effecting the lives of our teens!


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